Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year's Spiritual Cleansing Shower on "California" New Year

New Year’s Spiritual Cleansing Shower
On “California” New Year!

            Many traditions use a spiritual cleansing bath on New Year’s.  Well, most of us take showers now, so my recipe below is for a Spiritual Cleansing Shower. The purpose of the shower is (and I’ll give alternate directions for those who do take baths) to cleanse, purify, and protect. You should feel lighter in a way after the shower—good motivation for those who made New Year’s resolutions to lose weight!
            Now, about California New Year. I’m counting today, Jan. 2nd, as New Year’s Day since it’s the day of the Rose Parade. The Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA, signals to most Californians that the new year has truly begun. This year, because of the “Never on Sunday” tradition of the parade, it was held on the 2nd.
            The parade itself was auspicious in some ways. There was more than one float that featured a dragon, and dragons are always auspicious. I also noted two floats that encouraged reading and literature, one being the Armenian American Rose Float Association sponsored “Field of Dreams.” The second was the UPS Store and Toys for Tots Literacy Program float “Books Bring Us Together.” Another float I enjoyed was Trader Joe’s steampunk-themed float “All Aboard” which features, among other things, a time machine. If you missed the Rose Parade, you can watch the replay here:
            Now, on to the cleansing. Here is the recipe:

New Year’s Spiritual Cleansing Shower

            5 drops rosemary oil
            5 drops hyssop oil
            1 tbsp. holy water*
            I tbsp. Florida Water
            ¼ tsp. dried rue

Directions: Place the ingredients in an unbreakable container. I used a pewter chalice. Fill with warm spring water or filtered water. Take the cup into the shower with you, but keep it away from the shower stream. Take your shower with the usual soap and shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Turn off the shower, and pour a little of the spiritual water on your trunk, arms, and legs. Pouring some on your head is optional; if you feel it will damage your hair or make your complexion break out, you don’t need to do this. In any case, keep the mixture away from eyes and mucous membranes. As you pour, say any blessing phrase you please. In the Egyptian tradition, for example, you could say, “Pure, pure, I am pure; I am pure with the purity of Auset.” Say it at least three times. You’re not supposed to rinse after the spiritual cleansing,

Now to make this a bath, first put a tablespoon of the rue in a tea filter or muslin bag so it won’t clog up the drain but will suffuse into the bath water as the tub is being filled. Put the other ingredients in the container. Wash and rinse and then proceed as above.

            Another saying about New Year’s is that whatever you do on New Year’s Day you will continue to do throughout the year. Well, I wrote 5,000 words on a new story on Jan. 1st. If I keep that up every day I’ll have a phenomenal year. Of course, I also did laundry yesterday, but I’m choosing to ignore that particular activity as being insignificant!

*I use holy water from New Orleans, and you may use holy water from a church of your choice or, if you prefer not to, you can make your own holy water. Simply read the 23rd Psalm over the water, or your own tradition’s blessing prayer. Use only spring or filtered water; do not use distilled water.

Happy New Year!

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